Thai Red Curry with Pumpkin & Green Tomato

After weeks of slow death by heavy food, my palate craves something spicy and vibrant, and only Thai food will do.  Luckily, I’ve been schooled by the best teacher–Jam Sanitchat, owner of Thai Fresh.  Her cooking classes reveal how easy it is to master Thai dishes like this delicious curry, and how soul-satisfying they can be when made with local produce and meats.  I’ve made a vegetarian version here, but it’s just as delicious with pork or chicken.  I love the tangy acidity of the green tomatoes with the sweet and creamy pumpkin and coconut milk.  An everyday dish, to be sure, but worthy of its own celebration.

Thai Red Curry with Pumpkin & Green Tomato

1 butternut squash or small pumpkin, peeled and cut into cubes

2-3 green tomatoes (optional), cut into large cubes

1 Tbs. neutral flavored oil, such as peanut or grapeseed

3 Tbs. red curry paste

2 cans coconut milk

3 Tbs. fish sauce, or to taste

pinch sugar

juice of 1 lime

handful or fresh cilantro

1 package flat rice noodles, soaked in warm water until al dente, and drained

Heat oil in large saucepan.  Add curry paste and fry briefly, until fragrant.  Open the cans of coconut milk without shaking them.  There will be a layer of thicker coconut cream on top and more watery coconut juice on the bottom.  Scoop coconut cream off top of cans, and add to pot.  Continue to fry over medium-high heat for 1-2 minutes, whisking to combine.  Add remaining watery coconut milk to pot and heat to a simmer.  Add squash or pumpkin and green tomatoes.  Simmer until squash is tender.  Balance flavors with fish sauce, sugar and lime to taste.  Coarsely chop half the cilantro and add to curry.  Place rice noodles in serving bowls and ladle hot curry over the top.  Serve with handfuls of fresh cilantro on top, and extra lime wedges for squeezing at the table.

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3 thoughts on “Thai Red Curry with Pumpkin & Green Tomato

  1. Oh! I have some delicious pumpkin puree left over from Christmas dinner. I’m totally going to use that with your recipe above for some delicious Thai Fresh Fun!! (And as always, LOVE your pictures!)

  2. OH! You have stolen my heart. I have just come across your blog, but green tomatoes in curry? So southern! The Kombucha… my favorite!

    I will share the palm sugar from my pantry and the fresh Thai basil from my garden to be your neighbor.

    Comfort food of the spiciest order. Our recipe is close – spoiled me for take-out indefinitely.

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