Persian Cucumber Soup with Walnuts & Yogurt


Here is a refreshing soup for the dog days of summer, when temperatures approach the triple digits and the heat feels inescapable.  Yogurt provides a cool and tangy backdrop for the quenching, fresh bitterness of the cucumber, and golden raisins and toasted walnuts add exotic notes of sweetness and a nutty, toasty complexity.  I love the tartness of sumac as a garnish, but it is certainly not required.  Think cool creeks, cold compresses, gauzy white dresses, shady picnic spots, and keep a big jar of this in the fridge, and we’ll all get though summer together.

Persian Cucumber Soup with Walnuts & Yogurt

2 large cucumbers, seeded, peeled and cut into fine dice

2 c. plain yogurt

1/4 c. golden raisins, chopped to fine dice

1/4 c. walnuts, toasted and finely chopped

3 scallions, white part only, finely chopped

1/4 c. Italian parsley, finely chopped

small handful chives, minced

1 stalk of dill, minced

salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1/4-1/2 c. ice cold water (depending on thickness of yogurt)

sumac & organic rose petals to garnish (optional)

Combine cucumber, yogurt, raisins, walnuts, scallions, parsley, chives, and dill in a large bowl. Stir in ice water to make a soupy, spoonable consistency.  Season to taste with salt and lots of freshly ground pepper.  Pour into a large jar and refrigerate for several hours.  To serve, ladle into small bowls or cups and garnish with sumac and rose petals.

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4 thoughts on “Persian Cucumber Soup with Walnuts & Yogurt

  1. It’s a billion degrees outside and this sounds like the perfect light meal when the last thing I want to do is turn on the stove! Love the addition of walnuts- will definitely be trying this one out in the future. Thanks!

  2. “Think cool creeks, cold compresses, gauzy white dresses, shady picnic spots, and keep a big jar of this in the fridge, and we’ll all get though summer together.”

    Beautiful photos & beautiful prose. And that recipe looks perfect for this hot summer day. I will definitely be making this! Thank you!

  3. leila on said:

    hi. thanks for the recipe. In Persia (Iran) we always add dried mint to this recipe. actually it is a must, the rose petal should be dry as well. and we call it “must-o-khiar”, “must” means yogurt and “khiar” means cucumber.
    glad to see your blog.

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