Fruity Mosaic Freeze Pops

More of a method than a recipe, these are such a fun activity for a make-along cooking session with kids. Combine sweet and healthy fruit juice with seasonal fruit to make cool pops as wholesome as they are craveable. The best combos? If you can dream it, you can pop it!

Popsicle Molds

We love silicone molds for the easiest pops, but you can also use small paper cups or juice glasses. There’s no guessing about popsicle sticks and no waste with the silicon molds, which makes them an even better bet.

Popsicle Base

Choose your favorite juice as a base, lemonade or coconut water will make for a beautifully translucent pop that lets the fruit shine through, or try cold pressed Watermelon juice or this Pineapple & Spirulina blend for a fun pop of color. Adding some fruit puree to the juice will also keep the pops softer and bite-able. For a creamy pop, mix 2 tsp honey into 1 cup of plain yogurt.


Make a mise en place with diced fruit, berries of all colors, and let kids arrange them in the molds. Pour popsicle base over the fruit and place in the freezer until solid. To unmold, run a little warm water over the outside until the pops release.


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