Apples to Apples


Apples to Apples

Picture this: sinking your teeth into a crisp, freshly picked apple so tasty you’re happy to let juices run down your chin. Sound good? You’re in luck—apple season is finally here! That means it’s time to delight in all things apple! Each variety has its own unique flavor, look and use. From your grandma’s traditional apple pie to a special workday lunch, we’ve got you covered. To make the most of everyone’s favorite sweet treat, we’ve compiled a list of our yummiest local apples and some of our favorite applications of them.

Arkansas Black– Named for its deep red to burgundy skin, this apple has firm and crunchy flesh, making it perfect for cooking with. Try it roasted with winter squash.

Cameo– These gorgeous apples are bright red with creamy yellow stripes and have crisp, juicy flesh with plenty of sweetness just a hint of tart flavor. Because of their resistance to browning, they are ideal for sandwiches, salads and cheese plates.

Cortland– Medium in size, with crisp red skin and creamy, soft flesh that does not brown rapidly. They are the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Great for any application—cooked, baked, or fresh.

Granny Smith– This beloved apple has light green skin, with crisp and acidic flesh. Its tart and lemony flavor pairs well with savory foods, but also becomes sweeter when cooked.

Mutsu (Shizuka) aka Crispin– This Japanese apple is medium to large in size, with greenish-yellow skin, and lovely honey-flavored flesh. It makes a terrific applesauce.

Myra Fuji– Pinkish-red with beautiful striation, this dense and crisp apple has a sweet, fruity aroma. Best served raw in a salad or on its own.

Red Delicious– One of the most recognizable apple varieties, this large apple is a true American classic.Thick, deep red skin and dense, mildly sweet flesh make this a great apple for raw use. Because its flesh breaks down when cooked, it can also be used pureed in soups and sauces.

Red Jonagold– A crossbreed of Jonathan and Golden Delicious varietals, these apples have a red hue with hints of yellow and juicy, cream-colored flesh. They’re sweet, but balanced enough for great versatility and can be used in any recipe.

Starkspur Winesap– This small dwarf apple has shiny red flesh and a beautifully rounded shape. Its spicy and tart flavor has been compared to wine, making it great for pairing with cheese. Its firm flesh stands up to baking as well.

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