Without a Recipe: Rutabaga

Here at the Farmhouse, we’re (obviously) big fans of a sexy, ripe summer tomato or a perfectly plump peach, but there’s something to be said for the humble, earthy foods of winter as well. TBH, there are times in summer when we miss these less-glamorous, solid, hearty roots and storage crops. Enter the rutabaga. We might not spend much time rhapsodizing about it, but it’s here to be roasted, mashed, steamed, pureed, and oven-fried. It’s nutty and sweet like cabbage and solid and slightly starchy – quick to prep and easy to cook. We’d say that’s something to root for. Here are 5 ways to enjoy it without a recipe:

  • Peel, cube, toss with olive oil, maple syrup, salt & pepper, and fresh thyme. Roast at 400 until caramelized.
  • Steam and mash with a big knob of butter and salt and pepper.
  • Ceviche it : slice paper-thin with a mandoline or sharp knife, toss with red onion and cilantro and marinate in lime juice.
  • Grate it and toss it with cabbage, green onions, and carrots and dress with a quick, creamy slaw dressing of mayo, honey, cider vinegar, salt & pepper.
  • Glaze them Southern-style: Saute in skillet with butter until they begin to brown, then add a big pinch of salt and drizzle with honey.

Looking for even more rutabaga love? Check out our Let’s Dish: Rutabaga [https://www.pinterest.com/farmhousedelivery/lets-dish-rutabaga/] board on Pinterest!

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